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Either Meaning of “MSM” Works Here

Content Notice: death, HIV/AIDS, death by government inaction, general milquetoast liberal media fuckery.

I didn’t go to school today because
there was no school; it’s out for
the year, meaning that “school” is
reading the news, which taught me that
you can kill hundreds of thousands of
innocent people through your
hateful (in)actions but as long as you
kill with a silver honey-drip tongue, you
will live on forever valorized, cast in
platinum typeface;

whereas – and this I know now,
too – if you see hateful (in)action for
what it is, what it always is, and fight
silver honey-drip tongue hate with the
vitriol it deserves, you will always be
argumentative, crass, hateful, off-putting,
as if death, needless death, preventable death,
death that comes of and leaves silence in the
mainstream wasn’t crass,

as if the only thing that mattered was not
what you said or did but
how you said or did it,
as if destruction and genocide are acceptable if
properly sanctioned,
as if a mass die-in was more heinous than a
mass dying –

but I didn’t really learn anything new today, just
relearned that genocidal hate from the top will
always be excused and written out and over but
righteous rage from the masses below will
always be transformed into personal failure.

you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar;
but no matter what you use,
the flies will flock to your corpse once
you’re dead from government inaction.

Rest in power, Larry Kramer, and goddamn the New York Times for painting righteous anger at a genocidal system as “abusive” (and then trying to cover it up).