Donnie TC Denome is an autistic AAC user, writer, graphic designer, health educator, former journalist, and general rabblerouser. Currently, Donnie works as a Publications Associate at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network; their job entails writing both technical reports on issues affecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and creating Easy Read and plain language materials.

Donnie holds a Master’s of Public Health degree from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor’s of the Arts degree in Public Health from Pitzer College. Their undergraduate thesis focused on the sexual and reproductive health care experiences of autistic adults.

Donnie’s writing has won accolades from the California College Media Awards and the California News Publishers Association. They also serve as ASAN’s representative to SARTAC and have presented on issues affecting AAC users at the AAC in the Cloud and Closing the Gap conferences. Donnie’s specific research and activism interests include better access to sexual education and harm reduction practices for people with intellectual, communication, and developmental disabilities.

Donnie’s hobbies include knitting, crochet, making buttons, and creating outlandish outfits. They have special interests in the history and sociology of HIV/AIDS, nuclear semiotics, and labor organizing music. They currently live on Dakota land in Minnesota with their boyfriend.