poetry, queerness

poetry in a pandemic: queer days

queer days in the
liminality spent with you.
queer boys, smiling, hugging on
the couch where we laid our heads on
summer nights when the bedroom was too hot.
queer days, each one a
continuation of the last, each one a
gray expanse into a night that
drags on; days spent staring at
screens, waiting for night, waiting for —
sleep now, and dream of better:
better days, better lives where we are not
so terrified, so fretting about the spectre of
in the summer we will dance again in the street;
we will laugh and cry and enjoy the heat,
suffer it but at least it is better than
the cold.
poetry, queerness

Dispatches from a Pandemic: the physicalities of remembering // history is a place

Content Notice: HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, mentions of drugs and alcohol

Another thing inspired by the current pandemic. One of my professors (a historian, naturally) is encouraging us all to write and record our feelings on this. As if I need encouragement!

Anyway, this one is in response to watching the documentary We Were Here and recognizing a lot of the locations mentioned in it. Two people can exist in the same place but in completely different worlds if they live at different times. This is about worlds of plague, worlds of health, worlds of turmoil, worlds of peace.

(And public transit. It’s also about public transit.)

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