I’m donnie. I write things. Sometimes I write long things. Sometimes I knit. Sometimes I sell the things I knit.

I use they/them and xe/xem pronouns and I alternate them when talking about myself. I won’t, however, use both sets in the same paragraph because every time I see that, my brain decides to take the rest of the day off and I’m left high and dry. (I’m only sort of joking.)

This is all a very unimpressive introduction. I have an About page on this blog, which probably tells you more than you want to know. I also have a Contact page and a page where I list all the things I’ve written.

Here is a picture of me:

Image Description: a selfie of Donnie taken in a mirror. Xe is wearing a red and white shirt and a black skirt with flowers sewn on it. Xe is also wearing a blue, white, and pink flower crown. Xyr phone is in a purple and black case and xe has many rubber bracelets around xyr right wrist.

My activism centers in sexual and reproductive health care for marginalized groups; in particular, gender and sexual minorities and disabled people. One of my goals is to break down the image that only able-bodied, neurotypical, cisgender heterosexual women need reproductive health care. I also want to break down the image that reproductive health care is only about having children (or the prevention of having children) and that sexual health care is only about STIs. I also want to work towards a model of sexual and reproductive health care where the two are related but not inherently entwined. There are lots of people out there who may not need to access sexual health care if they are not sexually active but still need reproductive health care.

In short, I want to make sexual and reproductive health care more accessible, more open, and more welcoming to everyone. I believe one of the biggest factors in people not accessing health care (aside from cost and physical accessibility) is the stigma and judgment people face and the lack of understanding practitioners have around minority communities. I want a world where nobody suffers needlessly or lives with illness because they were unable to access health care.

(I’m one of those damned leftist pie-in-the-sky young people, too.)

So, yeah, that’s about it. I’m working on a much longer piece right now and just got some edits back on it so I should publish it … soon.